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Sweetwater Silver


Bob and Diane build many different style spurs, functionality is a important factor in spur design. Sweetwater spurs are carefully shaped and balanced to become a functional part of the cowboys equipment. More often then note Bob and Diane's spurs are ornately decorated with silver overlay, fine hand engraving and silver inlay. For the more exquisite decorated spurs gold inlay can be found adorning that special pair of spurs. Below you can find some examples of Sweetwater's work, click on the image to see a larger view and description.


Spurs with 24 karat gold inlay and overlay

Antiqued silver inlayed spurs

Gun engraved and silver inlayed spurs

Trophy spurs

Silver overlayed spurs

Spurs with silver overlay


If you have any questions or comments you can contact Bob and Diane Scalese at:

Sweetwater Silver
Box 1
Big Sandy, MT 59520
Phone (406) 378 2414
E Mail Sweetwater

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