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Peter Mayer, who lives near Mc Leese Lake in the center of the Cariboo, has been braiding rawhide and making custom saddles for nearly 16 years. Peter processes his own hides for braiding - from skinning the cow right through to cutting strings and putting the last knot on a set of reins. Functional use has dictated the design of his saddles and braiding, but often they are ornamented with floral leather tooling and finely braided buttons with an integrate interweave of colored strings. Among working cowboys and collectors alike, Peter is well known for creating quality cowboy gear. In fact, many of his pieces become wall decorations and never see use on a horse. In 1999, Peter Mayer received the Braider of the Year Award from the Academy of Western Art in Oklahoma. Click on the links below to see some examples of Peter's work.                                                           

Peter Mayer's work has been 
shown at:

  • Trappings of the American West in Flagstaff, Arizona
  • Trappings of Texas in Alpine, Texas
  • Calgary Cowboy Festival in Calgary, Alberta
  • Big Horn Gallery's Wild West Show in Cody, Wyoming
  • Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada
  • Pincher Creek Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Pincher Creek, Alberta 
  • New Millennium Western Art and Cowboy Trappings Show in Edmonton, Alberta     

Peter Saddles

Peter Saddles

Peter Braiding

Peter Braiding

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If you have any questions or comments you can contact Peter via mail, phone or email

Peter Mayer
Box 3331
Mc Leese Lake BC
V0L 1P0  Canada
Phone (250) 297 6580

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