Cowboy Gear handcrafted by skilled Artisans.

Cowboy Gear at RGG Trappings


Cowboy Gear by Peter Mayer, Saddle Maker Rawhide Braider

Gowboy Gear by Peter Mayer


Cowboy Gear at RGG Trappings! Here you will be able to see some of the finest cowboy artisans and craftsmen and craftswomen. The cowboy gear you will see on our cyber gallery is of the highest artistry and craftsmanship. In each area, saddle making, bit and spur making and rawhide braiding functional use has dictated design. The functional design of each piece is often dressed up with a delicate sense of design and ornamented with floral tooling, silver inlay, engraving or fine interweave of different colored strings. The finished pieces satisfy functional and aesthetic needs and you can find them on the ranch as well as many collections. Click on the links to the left to see more of the exquisite handcrafted cowboy gear that is created by Peter Mayer and Sweetwater Silver.


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Cowboy Gear by Sweetwater Silver

Cowboy Gear by Sweetwater Silver

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